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Instant noodle burger a++ would reccomend

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  • white people:u finding me racist is racist!!!!
  • white people:who cares if i use the n word, hate all muslims for no reason, fetishize asian women, and make fun of black people???????
  • white people:EIM NAWT RACIST UR RACIST!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!@
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somebody put this in a time capsule because it is so important that future generations see this

how can this much occur in three seconds

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care free black boys

aww i love this!



freakin adorable


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This is literally how it is for a non english speaker to perfect a word pronunciation!

a vine by meshal al jaser

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U.S. Mother Gives Away 5-Year-Old Adopted Child From Haiti For Throwing Temper Tantrum

"Having an instant multicultural family was magical for about two weeks,” says Stacey Conner, a 41-year-old American mom from Spokane, Washington.

After she volunteered in an orphanage in Haiti in 2005, Conner and her husband adopted a 5-year-old Haitian boy named “J.”

Conner claims the boy had attachment disorder and began a strict regimen of attachment parenting of constant surveillance in which a child must often ask for food and water. After two months, J threw a tantrum where he unintentionally hit Conner’s nose with the back of his head.

Conner says the 5-year-old’s strike was accidental, but describes it as “a domestic violence situation. Forget love. Right then, I didn’t even like J.”

J was sent to live with another family in the Midwest. Conner’s biological children adjusted seamlessly to life without their adoptive brother. But other people were puzzled. Neighbors who had seen J riding his bike asked, “Where’s your son?” When Conner answered truthfully, “I’d get the most horrified stares, so I’d keep walking. And I didn’t tell many out-of-town friends or extended family for months.”
Despite such events, the Conners were approved by local social workers to become a foster family, and in October 2013 received a 3-month-old boy as their first placement.
Sources: [x] [x]

white people will let their white kids karate chop them in the throat and call them names in public, but a black child becomes naturally upset after you treat the kid like a grown criminal/animal and you just give them away. go it. sounds reasonable.

"i’d get the most horrified stares"
wonder why

white people are monsters

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Reasons why I’m excited for “Dear White People:”

  • Black actors portraying 3-dimensional characters
  • Honest social commentary
  • Targeted to the college age demographic
  • Thorough exploration of the various forms of racism in America
  • Tessa Thompson’s voice and Tyler William’s afro wig

Reasons why I’m not excited for “Dear White People:”

  • White people calling it racist
  • Mainstream media agreeing with the white people calling it racist
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oh look. She’s white.

they’re talking proportionality though, not actually saying she’s the most gorgeous being on the planet. Like idk what to tell you.

As if common POC features such as: eyes that are “too small”, lips that are “too big”, faces that are “too oblong”, noses that are “too wide” or “too long” etc. etc. don’t fit into the category of disproportionate…

As if what is considered proportionally acceptable isn’t heavily leaning in the European direction…

If thats what perfect is then shit. Then perfect really is basic bitch.

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joan rivers is a crusty racist old white who has made fun of domestic abuse and who said that the Palestinians deserve to be wiped out. i am not about to feel sorry for her just because satan is calling her home. let her gag 

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My makeup art as an aboriginal

This is racism, not art. You can’t paint dots and lines on yourself and say you’re “an Aboriginal”. We are diverse in our cultures and languages, but your racist “art” just lumps us all together. We’re not a costume for your photo shootWhy do people like you think that doing this is acceptable? 

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White people remind me of those serial killers you see on TV that kill a bunch of people & keep an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry that belonged to the people they killed to wear for “fun”.


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“I repeat: these stereotypes are dangerous. Reducing Asian women into a sexual object is not funny, it is not flattering. It is perilous. We can see this when Asian women are subject to race-targeted sexual violence. The racist nature of the crimes go unrecognized and unpunished, as if there is nothing wrong with choosing a rape victim because she is Asian.

In Spokane, Washington, two white men and a woman specifically hunted random Japanese women in an elaborately planned scheme to kidnap, rape, sodomize, torture and videotape them. Their motivation? According to police reports, the rapists had a sexual “fantasy” and “fixation” about young Japanese women, who they believed were “submissive.” (The very same beliefs so blatantly bandied about by Gawker and some of its readers.)

During a one month period in Autumn 2000, the predators abducted five Japanese exchange students, ranging from age 18 to 20. Motivated by their sexual biases about Asian women, all three used both their bodies and objects to repeatedly rape - vaginally, anally and orally — two of the young women over a seven hour ordeal.

In Spokane, one of the attackers immediately confessed to searching only for Japanese women to torture and rape — and eventually all pled guilty and were convicted. It clearly was a racially-motivated criminal case. The victims also believed they were attacked because of their race, the prosecutor told me.

What is astonishing, however, is that the district attorney failed to bring an additional charge that would have tagged the crimes as motivated by racial bias. The police also neglected to report the crime as a “hate crime,” as demanded by the Justice Department to keep accurate statistics of all bias-driven crimes. Although the attackers all received long sentences, an important opportunity to raise the nation’s consciousness was lost. We, as a society, were told that it’s not a hate crime to rape an Asian woman because of her race.”

Jaemin Kim, Asian Women: Rape and Hate Crimes (via globalpoetics)

Fetishization isn’t real though, right..? My ass. Fetishization kills. Asian fetishes kill. Everyone needs to wake up. This isn’t the first or last story to be told.

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British colonialism in Africa in a nutshell.

British colonialism everywhere.

European Colonialism in general 

One of the things I mentally struggle with as a Black Christian…

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"I’ve got 99 problems and the media’s representation of immigrants and people of color as a whole - covers like 97 of them."